The London Snow day, January 2017

This January London received its first worthwhile snow in 5 years. Starting around 16.30 the snow was primed for the maximum potential upset to the rush hour. Fortunately the most commuters only had to suffer little cold as in Briton we are very accustomed to the damp and wet weather. With the belief I would be stuck in London until the snowfall subsided I decided to make the most of weather capture what I could of the mildly disturbed commuters of the city.

Snow cyclist
Cyclist on a Brompton braving the worst of the snow.

Above we see the first unfortunate soul having to get through the snow on the folding bicycle. These bikes can be trying at the best of times when you are wanting to simply get somewhere quickly. The dense snowfall however did had not perturbed the poor bastard as he soldiers on home. The benefits of a motorbike are very evident here as our moto man is shielded from the elements with a plastic bag and some thick leathers.

Walkie Talkie, 20 Fenchurch Street
Walkie Talkie, 20 Fenchurch street,

The City doesn’t appear to get affected by bad weather, the buildings still stand and the people continue to move. For better or worse the city and its people are for the most part driven.

Cheese grater
The Cheese grater building aka the leadenhall building

The leadenhall building’s only standout feature is really its height. The building is not particulary eye catching and was designed not to be seen but in the snow it has the presence of great mountian where the tip pierces the clouds. The view is much like that of that from the base of Snowden, you can see all the way to the top on a clear day and when the weather turns cold, foggy and wet it becomes ominous as it looms over. The mention to Snowden is not incedental, I shall share photos from my trip there too.

London Bridge snow day
London Bridge snow day

Despite the very popular children’s nursery rhyme, London Bridge is known to be very resolute. Already surviving a bomb threat by this point in 2017 its not surprising to see everything proceeding as normal here, although a bit more wet and a bit more cold.

Hayes station in snow
The suburban Hayes train station

Snow starts to be problem in the outer most reaches of London. Still within the M25 but beyond the nautical postcodes, Hayes is a suburb that if it were as far away from any other city centre in the world it would likely be just at outlying village but London’s housing crapfire means that Hayes is suburb that transports hundreds of London commuters. When you get here though the services are not so strong and so above we se people having to call partners, friends and cabs to get them through the snow.

Snow cyclist
Suburban commuter

Getting through the suburbs is not as easy as the city, people move much slower and the snow has been able to settle. This unfortunate cyclist has been caught in a sticky situation having to ride home on the snow. If it weren’t so picturesque we could sympathise with him. In the very fleeting hours of London’s snow someone has taken the time to construct a snowman. He could last the night but come sunrise the unfortunate frozen fella had gone along with the last of London’s snow.


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