It’s like a movie, everything looks perfectly crafted and incredibly well designed like a scene in a Wes Anderson movie. Amsterdam is simply wonderful to explore. Below is The Amstel Hotel shot to look like the Grand Budapest hotel because (probably) only in Amsterdam do you have wonderful palace like buildings next to canals next to 5 story 17th century terraced buildings next to so-modern-it’s-future buildings. The subject in the photo below is not a palace but a hotel (maybe given away by the name) built in 1866. Sadly the first owner never saw the hotel open as they died the year before.

The Amstel hotel

The artwork is everywhere. There are hundreds of museums with art dating all the way back to the dawn of time. The art is everything too, the buildings, the canals, the boats, the harbor, the people, the food, the bikes, etc. Below is from the Jean Tinguely exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam’s modern and contemporary center. One can spend their entire trip trying to see all museums or galleries but would likely not even have the time touch the front before having to cycle to the next. If you are going, look ahead to what you want to see and be smart otherwise expect to meander and come back with a list of places to visit next time.

Two of the favorite things this writer enjoys looking at is bikes and buildings. Amsterdam has stunners in spades. Below are a couple of examples of the terraced buildings that are oh-so common and whilst they all contribute towards a collective aesthetic they are for the most part all unique.

The most famous thing of Amsterdam is the “Dam” part, as in the canals. There are several large canals that go through the city and hundreds of smaller connecting waterways. I’m sure this is widely known, what is a little less known though is what these waterways go into. Beer, the canals become beer. They become Heineken, Amstel and Grolsh along with many other smaller craft beer makers. Below is from within the Heineken Experience. One gets a couple free drinks (after paying entry) and are able to explore the old timey beer making aperatus.

On arriving we were advised to visit the old church. It is the oldest building in the city. One is able to get a guided tour that goes through the spire to overlook the city. Much could be said about the beautiful view but a picture says a thousand words to here is the view from the old church. So to sign off this blog I give you the city scape of Amsterdam. This post is going to have two signature photos. Amsterdam really is  photogenic city so I will have a second sign off. Below is a photo of the dreamy terraced houses meeting the central canal. It’s definitely worth a visit. 


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