Leith Hill

Set within the Surrey hills, Leith Hill tower is on the highest point in the South of England. From the top of the tower one can see to the peaks of the South Downs 26 miles away as well as to the Shard in London, 20 miles away.


The 17th century tower has become a fixture of every war fought in in the South of England since its construction. In it’s life it has been used as an armoury, an outpost, a fortification and safe house. The building and surround land is now under the management of the Nation Trust.


When not being used for assisting her majesty’s armed forces a guardian of the tower appointed for its management. The fifth guardian of the tower is a one Mrs Julie Day, a delightful lady who prepared warm mince pies for my hiking companion and me. Access is allowed to the roof, on my visit the weather was hardly inviting but one shouldn’t dismiss the opportunity to become the highest person in the South of England.


Leading to and from the tower are three guided circular walks taking in the full height and majesty of the surrey hills.

For a good walk around the Surrey Hills I’d recommend Leith Hill.


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