Town Hall, Bromley

The former town hall of Bromley, Kent, constructed in 1906. The now vacant town hall has unfortunately little prominence as the development of the A20 bypass now runs four lanes of traffic in front of the main entrance. Matthew Exford Photography

Historic photos show the road here was much smaller, almost pedestrianised.

Matthew Exford Photography

Matthew Exford Photography

The main entrance is barred and pretty much says would be visitors “bugger off  – most of the stuff inside is already nicked”. The rude message the wooden panels and boxes give is subverted by the baby heads in flowers keystone. The whole building features these style of decorations, common for the period is was constructed but not so for Wren style attempted.

Matthew Exford Photography

Matthew Exford Photography

Bromley, having been a market town since the roman era, has a wealth beautiful old buildings protected in part by the Bromley Civic Society and what appears to be an appreciation by the local residents. Blocks of flats, houses and offices for the most part attempt to maintain the aesthetic of the old Bromley town hall throughout the borough. So proud were the council at the time that they included large stone with the credits for the building.

Matthew Exford Photography


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