Arundel Town

Surrounding Arundel Castle is the town of Arundel. Not marred by chain stores, Nandos and grotesque new builds, the town benefits from both a civic duty to maintain the aesthetic of the town and wealth of Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian and Tudor buildings. DSCF1905A walk about the town will find galleries, boutique shops, fine restaurants and beautiful homes. We ended up in The Burger Shop Co for lunch on account of my childish palette and my better half not getting to choose as we visited on my birthday. The food was great but I’m hardly Jay Rayner and so cannot provide much insight into the restaurant world. DSCF1881DSCF1883DSCF1879The burgers didn’t last long enough to be photographed but as I was too full to instantly consume the waffle and ice cream.

As mentioned above, there is an effort by the inhabitants of Arundel to maintain the appearance of a historic town. The buildings throughout the town appear to be stuck in time with a charm and appeal of feeling as though one is within the setting of fairy tale. DSCF1868DSCF1875DSCF1903

Nothing quite says historic England like cobbled roads and flint walls. One of the oldest and most historic part is the Cathedral. It is repetitively modern in comparison the age of the town but was constructed in 1868. The Gothic cathedral was designed by the architect Joseph Hansom. DSCF1849DSCF1898DSCF1888DSCF1889

In such a historic town there is perhaps little modern technology that would be appropriate but the Defender, sadly now discontinued, appears fitting. Here seen overlooking the town hall.


After a full day of sightseeing we retired to The Loft at Sparks Yard for some coffee before setting off home. Sparks yard contains a cafe, kitchenware, furniture, clothes and various souvenirs. Had I found Sparks Yard earlier in the day I would have spent hours browsing. Visiting Arundel is highly recommended and if like me you have just moved into a new flat and in need of furniture then Sparks Yard is quite the tease. DSCF1899


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