The Design Museum

The absolute best thing of London is that all the big museums are free to enter. Whilst there are often great events, great places to eat, great people and great buildings those things will not last like the great museums. For the most part they are free, there are exhibits that will be by paid admission only but there is plenty to learn for free. This was incredibly helpful when I was a student, between jobs or a child. The design museum, in it’s current incarnation, was not available to me as student. The renovation of the Commonwealth institute building into the Design Museum was complete In 2016. Matthew Exford Photography

The standout feature of the building is the double convex roof that allows for the entire building to be protected from the elements whilst not having any columns to obstruct interior. Outside of mathematical (and design museum obsessive) circles the shape of the roof is commonly known as a hyperbolic paraboloid. A name that could also be a Michael Bay film technique.


The hyperbolic paraboloid roof from the inside appears to take on different forms depending on the point of view of the observer. Above it shows a fair representation of it’s form with the ceiling sloping from the centre to either side. Below the ceiling appears to be looming over as though one is being enveloped.

Matthew Exford Photography

The Design Museum features the wonders of modern design showcasing how over the past 70 years we as a race have chiselled, carved, shaped, moulded or stitched the world around us to make life better.

Matthew Exford Photography

During my visit I was obsessed over the building. The exhibits are great and a visit is highly recommended but one wont see much of that here as my focus is the building. Matthew Exford Photography

Matthew Exford Photography

The many forms of the design museum ceiling. From the outside it resembles dragon scales if they were organised. Located within Holland park, near to High Street Kensington tube station. I highly recommend that one visits the Design Museum. Matthew Exford Photography



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