The Tate Modern

London’s premier contemporary museum. Located on London’s Southbank the Tate is a converted power station with a recently completed appendage named The Blavatnik building.

Internally and externally the building is unrecognisable as a power station. Having set the trend it now looks like a modern art museum. There are walkways and viewing galleries which ostentatiously demonstrate the buildings rejuvenation and design. The galleries for the art tucked away often with no windows for one to keep their bearings. Roaming about the Blavatnik building could be mistaken for walking about the set of a blade runner movie. The obvious true-to-structure design in brilliant concrete in most places appears like unfinished construction but at the windows there are columns that lead the entire height of the building. The scale of the building is felt on every floor. And many of the floors are available to the public for free even the unneighbourly viewing platform that looks over the city of London and into the luxury flats of Neo Bankside.

The Blavatnik viewing platform stands at 12 stories. The occupants of the Neo Bankside luxury flats had attempted to sue the museum into having it closed on the basis that it invaded their privacy however this was quickly turned to rubbish. It was hardly a surprise realised on the first day of moving in.

The outside faces resemble what one could imagine if geometry replaced humanity and this was the work of an art students interpretation of melancholy. It doesn’t appear ambitious or complex but longer one stares at the building the more impressive it looks.


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