Photography is skill I have been developing for the past 10+ years since I was given a fairly powerful point and shoot camera for the time. This space shall demonstrate what I have done in that time and what my photography has become.

Vault Capture of Saint Pauls

This was achieved through luck and then a little more encouragement from my family to have it printed and framed. This is my earliest memory of dedicating time to photography. That day was a visited to the globe theater with my grandmother. It was also the first time I explored one of my favorite styles of photography, large composites. I would capture a series of photographs and then combine them into one large photograph but this was before I had a deeper knowledge of Photoshop so they were crude at best. Below shows my most recent attempt at a composite.

The sea from Snowdon

Now imagine that but with a collage of newspaper clippings of the Welsh countryside and you would get an idea of my early attempts, a artistically inspired ransom note. My main focus of the past years has been to get photos of events and people. It is never easy getting close to strangers but monitor this space and see how my skills develop and I get a closer each time.


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