Broomhill Art Hotel

A totally unique experience and incredible way to host contemporary artworks. The Broomhill art Hotel combines a museum plus sculpture gallery with a hotel. Whilst many of the best hotels have great art one would appear odd if they were to pace around in the manner one would in a museum. Likewise, showing up at dawn and starting a yoga session next to art in a gallery would probably get you kicked out and blacklisted. Broomhill says pish to that, one can eat, sleep and live art.


Broomhill is hidden away in the wooded hills between Ilfracrombe and Barnstaple in Devon, South West England. Each year in the sprawling sculpture garden the National Sculpture Prize is hosted. Young and upcoming artists are featured and promoted. Guests are encouraged to contribute to the award by voting on their favourite pieces


The pieces themselves are vibrant, bold and ingenious. They are not hamstrung by convention or tradition. The above installations were present during my visit but owners, who are a lovely couple, cycle the pieces to make each visit unique. There are also permanent pieces to keep you grounded should you wish to visit over multiple years as your affinity for Broomhill grows.

As mentioned above, one can eat art too. This is not just the authors hyperbole. The chef at Broomhill is passionate about food and art. The menu at any one time may appear small but this is a reflection of the dedication and passion of the chef/owners. The menu is based on seasonal fruits and vegetables. Visit in the Spring and your choices will be different from those in the Winter. Should you be wearing blinders on the approach to the restaurant and then keep them on until the food arrives denying yourself of any inspiration or intervention from the artworks in every square metre of Broomhill then the very accommodating chef can make you a burger and chips should you wish. The recommendation of this author is, read the menu, talk to the staff, talk the chef, walk about the gardens and then let the chef chose your meal.

The final word on Broomhil will be my recommendation. This is a place one can visit for a few hours, a few days and for a few years. Each visit will be unique and enjoyable. At the time of writing we are still under lockdown for fear of the corona virus. If you can’t fly away or are no longer comfortable doing so then you will find ample space at Broomhill and feel safe.


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