Arundel Castle

The town of Arundel, located in West Sussex, is what one would expect to find in a 1000 year old time capsule. The streets are winding and cobbled, the buildings are ingloriously stone, brick or wood and castle looms over miles of green fields. The most prominent feature of Arundel is the castle, the photograph below shows the courtyard within.

DSCF1820The castle is set within a square mile of curated gardens that feature thousands of plant species. The grounds are worthy of their own visit and one could reasonably expect to enjoy an entire day there. DSCF1790DSCF1784The oldest parts of the building were constructed as early as 1067. Successive Earls, Dukes and other members of nobility have made additions over time and now the castle walls have a 750m long footprint. DSCF1836DSCF1834Had the word “Grandiose” not predated the castle with its origins in Latin one could possibly have ended up using words such as “Arundelian” or “Arundelic”. The castle contains countless ball rooms, dining rooms, drawing rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms that are so luxurious that the likes of Liberace may blush. DSCF1829DSCF1828Arundel Castle is set within the town of Arundel (duh) which has unfortunately not made it within this post. Too beautiful not cover I shall have a follow up post to detail some of the delights of the town. To sign off are two further photographs, one of the castle and the other a taste of what to come, a view of the town from the highest point of the castle. Stay tuned for a later post about the town. DSCF1772DSCF1819


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